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Club der klaren Worte Zeitung mit einer Lupe daneben

In our media society, not only journalism, but also the traditional media houses, are experiencing an unprecedented crisis in terms of content. This is a paradox. Conformity instead of control meets simplicity instead of diversity. We are forgetting how to tolerate contradiction. This is toxic for a living democracy. I have decided to act free of commercial interests.

Just like that. Non-partisan. Independent. Democratic.

I would like to report free of errors and mistakes. But of course I cannot rule them out. You won't find the truth here either, but perhaps you will find another important building block in your search for the whole Image. I make my media expertise available here pro bono publico. It costs a lot of time, nerves and money. Servers, websites, research, coffee and many, many hours of work are invested. Civic raison d'Être is the driving force, because dhe price of freedom is eternal vigilance

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                    Markus Langemann

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Qualitative and research-intensive journalism is naturally cost-intensive. You will hardly see any advertising on clubderklarenworte.de. This guarantees our independence from economic and party-political interests. We do not pursue any ideological, religious or ideological goals. We are committed to the serious craft of journalism. An ideal to which we aspire.

If we comment or publish a personal opinion, you can be sure that we will make this clear. This way, you can decide whether you want to follow our content.

We think the new journalism urgently needs an independent revitalization of the old craft. We think it creates trust to focus exclusively on you as the recipient. As long as you voluntarily support our work financially, we want to offer you information here.

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Our pay-per-view technology partner is an innovative medium-sized company based in Munich, which has been active in the streaming service sector for over 20 years and fulfills the high data and IT standards through ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

For the technically inexperienced reader, one more important point should be explained: every video you see on our site costs us bandwidth to be able to play it for you.
This also applies to the American mega-platform operator, which is not only financed by advertising, but also has a dominant position on the global market.

So we have to buy the bandwidth described above; in other words, every time you watch, it costs us money, in addition to the creation and operating costs. This point-to-point connection is the disadvantage compared to cable or satellite reception (point-to-multipoint), where general distribution costs are incurred, but not every single viewer costs the provider money. This technological paradigm shift is also a reason why we have to charge a support fee for videos: precisely to cover costs. As explained, other video or information platforms solve this issue through advertising, which makes the platform dependent on advertising partners. We rely on our high-quality content and you as a user of this service here.

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