Recognizing media manipulation

Have you ever thought about whether the preparation and staging of TV images or moving images on online platforms alone could influence your thinking, your assessment of the content of the article? Recognize the techniques.

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Radio without eggs

Do you still listen to the radio? Daily. Often. Rarely. Not at all. Radio annoys you? Radio used to be relevant in your life? It's report card day for the "radio makers" in Germany.

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The development from journalist to activist

I have noticed that the profession of journalist has increasingly transformed from journalist to activist over the last 20 years. This is a major and dangerous misunderstanding of our self-image, because this transformation of the press, which is an essential control mechanism in democracy, undermines the very foundations of democracy. When journalists follow their own agendas or those of their media houses, they have left the ethical, moral and technical path of distanced reporting. The press can and may have opinions, but it must not see itself as a teaching or educational institution. In this video, you can see how things used to be different. A brilliant and instructive piece of journalistic work from 1967, as topical in content as on the first day. Listen. Marvel. Recognize.

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Life between excitement and exhaustion

I am irritated and shaken by the dullness of our society, which is accelerating to warp speed. I am preoccupied with the question of how it could happen that more and more people, as in the

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Money also rules the media world.

What is Der Spiegel doing with 2.5 million dollars from the Gates Foundation and what are we doing with Helmut Schmidt's intellectual legacy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSIEIsYPDRI Share on facebook

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The situation in the country

Why face masks make no sense according to Prof. Drosten, but are changing our society in the long term. What a constitutional judge has to do with health fascism and how a

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