Narcissisms and wokisms in the art world

Prof. Heinzlmaier has been active in youth research for over three decades and has contributed significantly to the understanding of youth culture and trends. In an interview with Antje Maly-Samiralow, he talks about the increasing self-absorption and individualization in literature and art, where authors primarily focus on their own, often insignificant lives.

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The fears of the young.

by Markus Langemann // "The continent that is severely burdened by fears of relegation." The well-known Austrian sociologist Prof. Bernhard Heinzlmaier in an interview about young people in

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An incredible hijacking

by Markus Langemann "There are a lot of people inside public television who have hijacked this institution that belongs to all of us." "Diversity of opinion means that we have the right

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by Markus Langemann Over the past few months, I have often spoken to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in person about the burden of their work, the social circumstances, the government's

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In a nosedive

by Markus Langemann Exactly two years ago, I asked Dr. Hans-Georg Maaßen for an interview. Prior to that, I had gained the impression through distanced observation,

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"They want to bring down de facto."

by Markus Langemann The publisher Markus J. Karsten has conducted an interview with the political scientist Prof. Ulrike Guérot on the occasion of the publication of her current book "Wer schweigt,

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Lost trust? Recognition gained!

Commentary by Markus Langemann The digitalization of our society, reflected in our daily activities, has made huge strides in recent years. Online shopping in global megastores

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...but the pictures are wrong.

by Markus Langemann The loss of trust in "the media" has increased enormously over the past two years. I have explained the reasons for this in the Club der klaren

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About thinking

by Markus Langemann If independent thinking were a plant, it would be on the Red List of endangered animal and plant species. They would be

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Damn, they're lying.

by Markus Langemann What distinguishes Dirk Nowitzki from Olaf Scholz? The list would certainly be as long as Burj Khalifa is tall. The Americans love "the

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