Coalition decision in the original

from Markus Langemann

Read the reality. Here we provide you with the original version of the coalition decision of 3.9.2022. Simply download. What do you think about this Decision that the federal government is marketing as a "relief package"?

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16 Responses

  1. - Germany stands together .....aber hopefully with a distance of 1.50m as well as FFP 4 - muzzle and preferably in the "open air".
    All that's missing now is a "fact" check from the usual quality media that those who have not been "vaccinated" are driving inflation as well as the pandemic
    - and all is well again. Dear fatherland may you be quiet (!) __ .

  2. A crisis created by the German government is now to be paid for twice and three times over by its citizens.
    Just how limited do our elected representatives think we are?
    Well, apparently they are right, because for decades the same parties and MPs have always been elected by the same voters.
    This means that we do not have an energy crisis, we do not wage war for no reason, we do not supply weapons with which people are killed, our governments have not been violating the Basic Law for years, the economy is not being deliberately chased out of the country, farmers are not being paid to stop working.
    Our country is doing well, we buy cheap energy from Russia, so cheap that we sell it on to other European countries at a high profit, our economy is booming, we have favorable energy prices for our citizens, we produce so much energy that we can sell it to European countries at a loss without harming ourselves, we remain neutral and try to help others peacefully without weapons, our BW is not deployed abroad as the Basic Law says, we speak out against the arms deliveries and sanctions of other states and do not support acts of war.
    I am relieved that everything will be fine in Germany in 2022, thanks to our governments standing up for us, thank you

  3. Trick of the sorcerer's apprentice recognized! If you take the air out of the 13 pages (copy, paste, delete), all you get is the following:
    Page 1 (Introduction): "The measures taken so far ... This is what the Federal Government is working on ... It remains important to save energy."
    Page 2 (Introduction): "The two relief packages to date ... require considerable efforts by all three coalition partners."
    Page 2 (Energy market): "Energy companies currently have ... considerable additional revenue .... Balance ... is no longer correct here."
    Page 3 (Energy market): "The instruments currently being discussed in the EU should be ... given appropriate consideration throughout Europe."
    Page 4 (Energy market): "Should the measures discussed in Europe ... be implemented by consumers themselves."
    Page 5 (pensioners etc.): "Energy price allowance ... is subject to income tax ... students ... should ... advise how ... discussed."
    Page 6 (price containment): "Germany ... discussion ... expert commission ... to clarify in a timely manner whether and if so how ... or"
    Page 6 (Housing benefit): "Housing benefit ... will ... include a climate component ... In addition, ... opportunities ... are to be ... quickly."
    Page 6 (Citizen's Income): "The ... price increases, especially ... electricity and food ... represent an existential burden."
    Page 7 (midi job, tax, etc.): "Already ... regulated by law ... should now ... If in the fall ... this is just ... important."
    Page 8 (Collective bargaining policy): "The Federal Government is discussing ... The social partners are developing practical solutions. The federal government is ready ..."
    Page 8 (Companies): "Companies and businesses are suffering ... need support ... should ... with low-interest loans ..."
    Page 9 (Untern.): "The Federal Government will examine the extent to which sustainable companies ... have to cease production."
    Page 9 (Local public transport): "The temporary 9-euro ticket for the months of June to September was a great success."
    Page 10 (Local public transport): "Therefore ... a joint concept ... is to be discussed. The aim is an attractively priced ticket."
    Page 10 (Short-time work compensation): "Special regulations for short-time work compensation will be extended beyond September 30, 2022."
    Page 10 (VAT in gastronomy): "The reduction in VAT for food in gastronomy to 7 percent will be extended."
    Page 10 (Civil law) "If individuals ... are unable to pay costs, blocking of electricity and gas ... should be prevented."
    Page 11 (Civil law): "Even companies that are fundamentally sound ... should ... apply for relief from the obligation to file for insolvency ..."
    Page 11 (Taxes): "The Federal Government will start implementing the ... global minimum taxation nationally now."
    Page 11 (Food security): "Further funds ... will therefore be made available as a matter of priority from possible budget reserves."
    Page 11 (Pension): "Taxpayers [sic!] should ... fully deduct pension contributions ... change required by the Federal Constitutional Court."
    Page 12 (VAT on gas): "Temporarily ... it is to be expected that this measure ... will have an anti-inflationary effect."
    Page 12 (Tax): "This allows a deduction of income-related expenses ... of 5 euros per home office day, up to a maximum of 600 euros per year."
    Page 12 (tax): "Electricity customers have not been paying an EEG surcharge since ... July 1, 2022. From January 2023 ... then permanently."
    Page 12 (Tax): "Employee lump sum ... has been raised by 200 euros to 1,200 euros. Employees can therefore ..."
    Page 13 (Tax): "Long-distance commuter allowance ... (from the 21st kilometer) has been increased from 35 to 38 cents for a limited period until 2026."
    Page 13 (Child benefit): "For children and young people affected by poverty ... in July 2022 ... 20 euros were paid out."

    It is immediately apparent that the government is not yet a role model when it comes to thriftiness; it could avoid a lot of paper if it kept things short! Precious reading time would also be used more sensibly! Even the little that is substantial would be more visible! And it is certainly not a problem that six of the eighteen [18!] occurrences of the verb "should" fell victim to my modest streamlining. For their dominance and thus the main tenor of the original, in addition to the emphasis on what has already been achieved, and in some cases already completed, this tenor certainly remained easily recognizable, although in the interests of fairness the back pages with the sparingly tangible were given a certain overweight.

    The editors will forgive me if, thanks to my summary, one or the other will perhaps refrain from clicking on the original ... ,-)

    1. I like your summary. If only I had discovered it before I had worked my way through this page-long "blah, blah, blah should perhaps turn a random income into even more blah, blah, blah". Then I would have saved a lot of time and could write here briefly and succinctly: "Thanks for the summary."

  4. Never before in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany have so many politicians and members of the Bundestag gotten so little done, caused so much chaos at the same time and if they are working on something, then it seems to be the seemingly almost impossible increase in self-inflicted energy and corona dilemmas.

    Instead of permanently relieving citizens of high energy costs by lowering VAT on energy, they are pretending to relieve the burden on citizens with temporary, i.e. drip-fed, handouts that involve a lot of bureaucracy. In reality, they are working on increasing energy costs, because that is what they really want. The background to these efforts is a climate crisis, the connections and causes of which not a single (federal) politician seems to have the slightest grasp of. The mantra-like use of the word climate change by uneducated politicians is reminiscent of small children with a reduced vocabulary who hang on the lips of scientists who are financially dependent on them. They are not interested in the physical correlations. That is why they refuse to ask important questions of science, even if they are well-founded and demand answers.

    Our politicians seem incapable of interpreting a fairly clear diagram. From the diagram of the German Weather Service (DWD), published by WELT (see https://www.welt.de/wissenschaft/article158110222/Wetter-aendert-sich-in-Deutschland-besonders-krass.htmlThe graph (1st diagram) shows with unmistakable clarity that climate change in Germany/Europe has begun to "gallop" since the beginning of the installation of so-called wind farms, i.e. around 1990. While climate change followed the global trend before this point in time, the average temperature and thus climate change in Germany and Europe has risen steeply since then. Wind energy does not appear to be a way out of the climate crisis, but rather an increase in the dose of poison. This feeds the suspicion that wind poverty (see https://ec.europa.eu/research-and-innovation/en/horizon-magazine/stilling-global-wind-speeds-slowing-1960) and the associated influence on precipitation and evaporation are the main causes of climate change and not CO2, as scientists have always assumed for years.

    I have suspected that this connection exists for several years now. Back in 2017, I published the following reader commentary in our local newspaper. Today, I only have to look out of the window to see the thoughts of that time confirmed. It hasn't rained here for months. Nature is dying:

    Letter to the editor PRICE QUESTION published on 18.04.2017:
    "In geography lessons, we learned that it rains more on the windward side, i.e. the side of mountains facing the wind, and less on the leeward side. In Hesse, we lie in the shadow of various low mountain ranges, regardless of the wind direction. These are raised by wind turbines up to 230 m high. The dynamic pressure in front of a mountain range is likely to increase significantly. It is therefore not surprising that precipitation is decreasing here. The only question is: by how much? The same applies to wind. There is still little debate among experts as to whether or not the actually observed decrease in wind has anything to do with the increasing spread of wind turbines. In the nine years published, the IWR wind energy yield index has fallen by 6.9% on the coasts and by 4.7% inland. This may or may not be a coincidence, especially as this roughly corresponds to the share of energy extraction. Ultimately, the mass installation of wind turbines represents a large-scale experiment with the atmosphere, the consequences of which can only be speculated about. This large-scale experiment is superimposed on (global) climate change. The consequences of the combination of both experiments are even more difficult to assess. I pointed out these connections to the Hessian state government back in 2015 in an official statement. This statement was the only one (with a flimsy, i.e. manipulated justification) that was not approved in the legislative process."

    It's time to wake up, think for ourselves and stop being fobbed off with the irrefutable "truths" of the green movement.

    Literature on the topic:
    o "Can that really be: Wind turbines as climate killers?", in; NNZ-Online, 05.04.2020; https://www.nnz-online.de/news/news_lang.php?ArtNr=273203
    (particularly interesting reader comments!)
    o "Global wind speed dropping, wind farms victim of 'atmospheric stilling'", Watts Up With
    That? (WUWT - site for global warming and climate change, https://wattsupwiththat.com), 05.12.2018
    o "When 'climate protection' becomes a climate killer" by Dagmar Jestrzemski in the Preußische
    Allgemeine Zeitung from 24.01.2020, https://paz.de/artikel/wenn-klimaschutz-zum-klimakiller-wird-a282.html
    o "When wind turbines take the wind away from each other" by Dagmar Jestrzemski in the Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung of 22.10.2021,
    o "Wind lulls trigger unrest among energy companies" by Dagmar Jestrzemski in the
    Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung from 31.01.2022, https://paz.de/artikel/windflauten-loesen-unruhe-bei-energiekonzernen-aus-a6222.html
    o "Das ABC von Energiewende und Grünsprech 105 - "Terrestrial Stilling", in: Tichys Einblick, 04.09.2022
    o "How Germany slows down its wind", in: AchGut.com, 05.12.2019, https://www.achgut.com/artikel/wie_deutschland_seinen_wind_ausbremst
    o "Drought due to wind turbines?", in: AchGut.com, 08.07.2022; https://www.achgut.com/artikel/duerre_durch_windraeder
    o "Drought due to wind turbines? - A gleaning", in: AchGut.com,15.07.2022; https://www.achgut.com/artikel/duerre_durch_windraeder_eine_nachlese
    o "Wind turbines worsen the climate", in European Scientist, 24.01.2020, https://www.europeanscientist.com/de/energie-de/windraeder-verschlechtern-das-klima/
    o "The down side to wind power", in The Harvard Gazette, 04.10.2018, https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2018/10/large-scale-wind-power-has-its-down-side/
    o "Energy transition through wind power physically impossible", 22.02.2022, http://nordthueringen.de/news/news_lang.php?ArtNr=305677

  5. Now we can count ourselves lucky that we have a taxpayer-funded relief package around our necks. Woe betide anyone who now catches their breath and feels nauseous. It's the Russian's fault.

  6. Indeed, as I was advised, I now doubt my knowledge of physics, which I believed to be certain: It is a paper, but it is hollow ... Sorcerer's apprentice!

  7. I agree with Lucy's comment.

    However, I wonder what they did in the " grueling negotiations for this species.
    The result is not a result, it is an insult!

    I also consider the remark that there is no more money for us living in Germany to be a great untruth, because I see every day how our tax money is spent on things that we humans have nothing to do with and Germany is still playing the role of "old debt" as the world's savior in every direction!

    If you want to live / survive sensibly, you should really consider leaving this country and emigrating.

    I have always been an advocate of Germany!
    I can't take any more.

  8. Wonderful little paper...

    Even the title and the beginning are wrong:
    "Germany stands together'."

    That is de facto untrue.
    And in my opinion it should read correctly:
    "Germany is collapsing."
    Furthermore, this is a cheap, in my opinion, disgusting and pure war slogan.
    Nothing more.

    First sentence also wrong:
    "The Russian war of aggression on Ukraine under international law is causing energy and food prices to rise worldwide."
    This fatal crisis is purely homemade; Russia is in no way responsible for the misguided German policy.
    And "worldwide" is a slippery invention.
    It should read "nationwide".
    Nothing more.

    MfG - Lucy

  9. Dear Mr. Langemann,
    Dear CdkW team and
    Dear readers,

    You ask what your readers think about the content of the resolution. I would be happy to share my personal opinion on the content with you, which, as always, I will post openly in the discussion area.
    The state and its actors already show their forced subjects in the headline that politicians can only do one thing: Robbing, redistributing, determining, intervening and destroying, which they have their court intellectuals wrap up in euphonious words to conceal reality and facts.
    Right at the beginning, the stupid mob is told that Putin is responsible for the energy crisis and rising goods prices and that the nice politicians will leave no one behind. I see. So.
    Wasn't it the government, already under Mrs. Merkel, that initiated an energy turnaround, without brains and reason, but purely driven by ideology and fantasy in their ivory towers? Is it not the state and every ruling political group that holds the money monopoly with an iron hand and has distributed the money production monopoly to the ECB, the 2% inflation, that is: 2% annual expropriation of savers, sold to the rabble as a price stabilizer and expanded the money supply in unprecedented quantities (Cantillon effect), which has led and will continue to lead to all the distortions, the fall height of which continues to grow with each passing day - for the saver, not for the politician of course? States love inflation. Inflation allows states to reduce their debts - at the expense and to the detriment of working people, i.e. people who create value. I won't even begin to mention the blatant official expropriations through taxes and levies, national debt, regulations, bans and prohibitions, rules, etc.
    The state apparatus continues to grow inexorably and needs more and more money for its own entertainment, world travel, star appearances on TV and around the world, fantasies of world happiness and, apart from all the important stuff, of course, not forgetting the inexorable filling of the pockets of the politicians and their big buddies.
    The stupid Michel is proudly told how many expropriations have already been carried out and how many are still being planned, and boasts to whom the gracious rulers will give back a cent here and there from the previously looted private property as a sedative pill and a drop in the ocean to selected individuals and groups of people. I see.
    Of course, with all the self-congratulation, we must not forget to remind the rabble that all problems will soon be solved and the current crises will only be temporary (we know this from the old socialist times just before the total collapse) and that a joint effort, which of course can only be made and paid for by the rabble, will lead through "an exhausting time".
    Aha, I see.
    While reading this intellectual synthesis of the arts, the politicians and their scribblers must have enthusiastically toasted each other with extra bubbly and patted each other on the back with shining eyes.
    Great new and old word constructs can be found en masse in the measures listed. Electricity market design, windfall profits, the emergency measure must of course not be missing, European electricity market corrections, savings, profit skimming, electricity price brake (like the rent brake, we remember), suspension for one year of the CO2 tax increase, but a few billion here and there MORE compulsory taxes (taxes are robbery!) for politicians and their redistribution actions. Citizen's income, subsidies for selected companies, introduction of a global minimum tax, global food security, short-time working allowance, nationwide local transport ticket (because the €9 ticket was such a success - laugh), etc. etc.
    The list of the socialists' horrors is endless and reflects the WEF's 17-point plan alongside complete stupidity, ignorance, obsession with power and construction and regulation mania. Good night, is all I can say.
    Pure socialism! The destruction is not only being pushed further, but accelerated, which could at least give some - albeit very cautious - hope for an imminent end to the madness and insanity - but what comes next? Will there then be enough liberal people who will stand up for freedom and private property?
    The massive force of the intended destruction and complete enslavement of the entire human race, which stares blatantly out of this paper at the horrified mob, makes the blood in the veins of every free and peaceful person freeze.
    Anyone who still doesn't understand where the journey is going if the ruling psychopaths and sociopaths are allowed to continue to operate is truly beyond help.
    Remain calm and, above all, peaceful despite the ever-increasing madness and insanity! Saying no to coercion and violence and telling the truth, even if nobody wants to hear it and you might need a fast horse, requires courage and backbone, but those who continue to remain silent and/or join in now are contributing to the abolition of freedom. None of us ordinary people can seriously want that, can we? The state and its actors and profiteers will never stop and where every socialist experiment has always led without exception is well known. But socialism on a global scale, as it is aspired to and attempted to be implemented, no one can even begin to imagine what consequences and effects this will have for humanity.

    I hope my comments were not too long.
    Best regards
    G. Schmidt

  10. PS:
    The catastrophically bad German housing issue was recently discussed here in Medium.

    The coalition paper in question contains nothing about this. Nothing.

    Hundreds of thousands of affordable apartments were to be built in Germany every year, according to Chancellor Scholz's (SPD) election promise a year ago.
    Where are they...?

    Where is the money for these apartments in the worst housing market crisis in Germany?

    Possibly disappeared in a BT "package" for as much as €100 billion, apparently serving a war that is not ours?

    This latest coalition paper is also completely silent on this glaring problem (extreme German housing issue).

    The issue urgently needs to be recognized.

    MfG - Lucy

  11. Sunday question.

    What do I think of that...?
    It is still just so-called "window dressing".
    It is no longer even a case of "handing out with a watering can".
    Feudal, purely appeasing, only crumbs are distributed, by hand, once here, then once there; sometimes not even clearly specified.

    Some words from the introduction remain in my memory, e.g:
    "The limited financial scope of the federal budget....".
    I see.

    And not only its limited financial scope.

    We cannot afford this government.
    It is far too expensive.

    The unspeakable sanctions policy must stop.
    Nord Stream 2 must be put into full operation - immediately.
    And our only six (6) remaining possible nuclear power plants must be immediately prepared for full continued operation (3 of which are still connected to the grid) or put back into operation (3 of which are still in operation).

    Happy Sunday to all citizens

    and with kind regards,


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