The biggest scandal since ARD was founded. BR attacks GG Art.5 (1).

by Markus Langemann //

I am informing you exclusively about a matter which, when considered carefully, I would unfortunately describe as a first-class scandal. Much more than that. If it is not reversed, it threatens one of the most important pillars of democracy in the Federal Republic of Germany. The freedom of the press, the freedom of reporting.

To begin with, the most important legal source for public service broadcasting in Germany is the Basic Law. With Article 5, Paragraph 1, our constitution created the legal basis for the establishment and continued existence of public service broadcasting. With the mandate to reach all people; to reflect and represent all points of view; to ensure that all voices and perspectives are heard. This is rightly stated on the ARD website on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of public service broadcasting.

Under the responsibility of Dr. Katja Wildermuth, Director General of Bayerischer Rundfunk, BR is launching the biggest attack on free reporting since ARD was founded in 1950.

Bayerischer Rundfunk only wants to allow vaccinated people in front of the camera in its reporting.

On December 1, 2021, the Production Services Department of Bavarian Television sent out an urgent in-house recommendation that only protagonists who have been vaccinated may appear in front of the camera for outdoor productions. Shoots should be avoided where there is no control over the vaccination status and behavior of those present. The protagonists should be informed in advance of a shoot that they must wear an FFP2 mask.

You can see this internal instruction distributed via e-mail here. To protect the recipient, personal references are blacked out. The e-mail consists of two parts. The cover letter and the attachment that was also sent.

By way of explanation: An outside production is anything that does not take place in the studio. In other words, a report on location, a street survey, a feed for the news, cultural, social and/or political reporting with a camera team.

This means that, following this urgent recommendation, only vaccinated people are allowed to speak on Bavarian television, i.e. this ARD broadcaster. Unless, of course, the people being reported on in the report are exclusively unvaccinated.

What does this mean for the work of an editor? From now on, an editor at Bavarian television is only to allow artists, tissue workers, politicians, scientists and others to speak in their original voice if these people have been vaccinated. According to the instruction, the editor should logically ask during his research whether he is dealing with a vaccinated or an unvaccinated person, thus denying the latter the right to freedom of expression via this channel. In addition, the editor should not shoot if, in his opinion, he has no control over the behavior of those present or their vaccination status.

This means that critical voices on the political situation will no longer be heard by Bayerischer Rundfunk if they are unvaccinated. You now know that every person you see interviewed on Bavarian Broadcasting on any topic has been vaccinated.

The meaning of an "urgent recommendation" - as such, the letter was circulated - was stated by the Wiesbaden Administrative Court in a school ruling on masks:

"The urgent recommendation (from the school) goes beyond a simple request or recommendation. This is because a form of coercion would be exercised that would lead to a high probability of 'sanctions' or even discriminatory behavior (by the teaching staff) in the event of a deviation." [VG Wiesbaden, August 24, 2020 - Ref. 6 L 938/20.WI]

What does all this mean for you as a viewer? You pay broadcasting fees for reporting that is now only supposed to be conformist. - I shy away from comparisons or words from the German past because they would be deliberately misinterpreted.

The fact that Bayerischer Rundfunk, as an ARD broadcaster, is crossing a red line that is no longer compatible with serious journalism, and that many presenters and editors are following this path, is reminiscent of dark times and is an unprecedented departure from the standards of free reporting and a free press, which are important for a democracy and which are anchored in the Interstate Broadcasting Treaty.

As I see imminent danger here, I am making this information available to you immediately. Naturally, I have asked the director of BR, Dr. Katja Wildermuth, for a statement in a letter.

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126 Responses

  1. Good evening Mr. Langemann,
    I also did some research on the subject of one-sided reporting.
    The Chairman of the Conference of Interior Ministers and Baden-Württemberg's Interior Minister Thomas Strobl said in a video at a demonstration in Frankfurt Main that the violent lateral thinkers pose a danger.
    Who is Thomas Strobl?
    This is the husband of Christine Strobl, ARD and ZDF program director.
    Why am I telling you this?
    Because Christine Strobl is Wolfgang Schäuble's daughter.
    A rogue who thinks evil of it.
    You can research this again.

  2. George Orwell already said: "Journalism is printing what others don't want printed. Everything else is propaganda". A clever man. It is fitting that the OVG Lüneburg in Lower Saxony has overturned the 2 G (brainwashed and genetically modified) rules. It took less than a week for the political kindergarten to feel it had stepped on the toes and introduced a new mask requirement from today. From now on, only FFP2 masks may be worn, unbelievable. After all the comments, I no longer need to explain that this was never about health. But as far as the current Omikron variant is concerned, I believe that this propaganda is only being used to break the ever-growing resistance. We can only get out of this perfidious and disgusting situation if everyone, and I mean everyone, finally drops everything and takes to the streets (at least those who can). A general strike would be the last resort, but if this perfidious media propaganda continues, then we should think about it. I'm always shocked at how employees have to walk around all day with this bacteria-ridden rag on their face - unbelievable. Employers have a duty of care and should put an end to this as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the judiciary is currently bought by the political criminals, but you can see that some courts (OVG) are still acting according to law and order. For how much longer? I have no idea. But it's up to us.

  3. Even the most pious should have noticed that public broadcasting is excessively fomenting and humping upwards.
    But an internal matter is being blown up here that is not worth talking about.
    Of course you pretend to care when you send such a poorly drafted e-mail.
    After all, one's own weal and woe depends on well-mannered behavior.
    But to dissect the paragraph in point 2 of the mail with legal quibbles is completely exaggerated.

    Much worse was Bill Gates in the Tagesthemen with the ridiculous Zamperl presenter!
    That blew me away. An unscrupulous moneymaker as a world virologist - neat.

  4. Everyone should take a clear stand against such exclusionary practices. This also means coming out and showing civil courage. Unfortunately, too few people dare to do this. Why is that? The fear in people's minds is different for everyone. Too much fear blocks any natural approach.
    An extremely alarming development in our society!

  5. READING HELPS! On Langemann's assertion
    "Bayerischer Rundfunk only wants to allow vaccinated people in front of the camera in its reporting"
    (Quote from:)
    This is obviously wrong: see the wording of the "urgent recommendation": "unless, for example, ... is thematically relevant".

    At best, this is a half-truth: a relevant aspect of a situation (interviewing as few unvaccinated people as possible) is taken out of context, while other relevant aspects are ignored.
    - "except when not being vaccinated is thematically relevant")
    - the obvious aspect of protecting the health of the station's employees
    omitted, so that a different meaning emerges.
    There is nothing about sanctions, Mr. L. got that from a completely different context, in which this word is in quotation marks and in which it was about a situation between teachers and pupils (wearing masks in class, as far as I can see). In any case, "recommendation" is not a legal term, even if Mr. L. suggests that it is.
    You could also call this falsification or distortion of the facts. The readers or viewers of the video are - presumably deliberately - being misled.
    If Mr. Langemann were working in a journalistically correct manner, he would add the BR rebuttal:


    1. Dear Mr. Ochsmann,
      Thank you for being here.
      All of the content you criticize is addressed and explained in the published video or, if not explicitly addressed because it is not relevant, can be read in the original document provided. Reading does indeed help. You have to want to receive information in an unbiased and analytical way. As a matter of principle, I make personal classifications clear, as do reactions to my work, provided they are presented in a factual manner. I have published the BR statement in which Bayerischer Rundfunk did not answer my questions and also reinterpreted the facts of the original BR document ("urgent recommendation vs. recommendation"). Take a look at the article here: https://clubderklarenworte.de/proteste/

      Yours sincerely

    2. Dear Mr. Ochsmann,
      I don't know why, but your "excerpt" does not correspond to what I have read - neither in Mr. Langemann's comments nor in the original documents. I'll go further: you know that too. ...

      Have a nice evening.

    1. What is going on in this country at the moment was unimaginable for me just a short time ago. Our freedom is being destroyed here and the Basic Law is being maliciously disregarded. It seems to me that not even the highest German court is making independent decisions any more. What is currently happening contradicts everything I have learned about democracy, our legal system and our society! My trust in politics, the state and its organs as well as the media has been largely destroyed. Such circumstances (restrictions on the freedom of the press, influence on the courts, etc.) would certainly have been more likely in some banana republic. I can hardly believe that so many people ignore these signs and seem to blindly and obediently follow the whole thing and even allow themselves to be instrumentalized. I certainly wouldn't want to live in a state like that. I ask myself all the time whether they are really serious about what is being served up to us here every day. There are a lot of educated people up there. It can't be that these politicians are seriously working on damage limitation or are there only plagiarized academics where regional or nationwide decisions are made in the crisis? In my opinion, this has very little to do with wise decisions.
      What I do see, however, are certain parallels with events during swine flu. The business practices of the pharmaceutical companies will not necessarily have changed since then from their aggressive marketing strategy, but only become more refined. Apparently our government just fell for it this time. In any case, something stinks to high heaven! It would be interesting to disclose information and contracts on vaccine procurement. I also find the way our new government is dealing with the problem incomprehensible. Not even in office are election promises being broken (no compulsory vaccination, not even through the back door)
      There is no longer much to be seen here of the unity, justice and freedom that Germany once stood for.
      To be honest, that scares me!
      Our leadership team now gives me the impression of a "parliamentary dictatorship"

  6. Quote Markus Langemann from the article:
    "I shy away from comparisons or words from the German past because they would be deliberately misinterpreted."
    Pretty clever, Mr. Langemann! Many readers still know what you mean by that and how the comparisons should be made, but then each reader does that for themselves and you can't be accused of anything specific or deliberately misinterpreting anything.

  7. In the past, many journalists were committed to uncovering the truth, even at the risk of their lives.
    Today, the vast majority of journalists are swimming in the same boat.
    There are many demonstrations in Bavaria and all over Europe, with a great many citizens who, in my opinion, are being discriminated against by the 2G rules.
    e.g. access to public transport, swimming pools, etc. Why can't a rapid test be used to grant access to the unvaccinated, since it has already been proven thousands of times that vaccinated people also carry the virus, like this?
    This hardly gets any attention in the media, only when a small group goes on the rampage does it make a big splash.
    Where are the journalists who are speaking out?
    Yes, MONEY DIRECTS THE WORLD sad but true.

  8. Today a colleague from Slovakia informed me about the death of a German family and asked me why fascists are once again being allowed to drive desperate people to their deaths in Germany.

    You can only be ashamed of being German.

    1. Dear Dr. Aßmann,

      A few days ago, my father-in-law died in a Protestant hospital (it is written in very large letters above the main entrance). My wife (unfortunately not 2G) was not allowed to visit his deathbed until he died. She is desperate and at the end of her tether with her pacemaker...

      Kind regards.

      1. Dear Mr. Linsner,

        My sincere condolences.

        Unfortunately, there are many fates like the one you describe these days. Letting people die alone is a crime against humanity. The empathy of many politicians and authorities seems to have settled at a level that was thought to have been overcome three quarters of a century ago.

        A good acquaintance committed suicide largely as a result of the corona measures. This was certainly not worth reporting in the press or media.

        Best wishes and a happy 3rd Advent
        Roland Aßmann

    2. I'm shocked....it's unbelievable....we have to stand up...put the mulled wine aside and show that we've had enough!

  9. We would be dazzled if, after 1933 and 1961, we weren't once again being trampled on by idiots who think they have to save the world.

    Stay mentally healthy and sane!

    1. Even the 569 MEPs who are not so inclined to think logically and who are increasingly subordinating everything else to the supposed rescue of the world from climate collapse, especially the dignity and self-determination of people, should actually understand this:

      Anyone who thinks this is all an exaggeration or believes that the two issues of coronavirus and climate protection are independent should watch Angela Merkel's speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos on January 26, 2021 (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQ4M3oZlS1E) until the penny drops. It announces tough measures. If that's not enough, you can also take a look at the book "Covid-19: THE GREAT RESET" by World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab and then watch the 19:00 Today program from 22.04.2021 (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocHHQ6YUH8k; from min 3:08) that German politics has learned its lesson thoroughly. We can begin to guess what this means. The fact that yes-man and Esken puppet Olaf Scholz talks about the fact that "there will be no more red lines" gives us an idea of what is still to come. The fact that the liberalism of the governing FDP party has imploded makes the catastrophe perfect (seehttps://www.welt.de/videos/video235052490/Marie-Agnes-Strack-Zimmermann-FDP-zur-Pandemie-der-Ungeimpften.html; see also the reader comments). If "Stay healthy" comes easily to your lips, you should realize that two words have already accompanied every encounter in Germany as proof of ideological consolidation.

  10. I received my first vaccination on January 16, 2021, my second vaccination on February 4, 2021 and my booster vaccination on November 23.
    I'm doing great. Stay healthy!

    1. Dear Markus, yes - of course we all want to stay healthy, and I sincerely wish you the same. But I have decided to take a different path:
      Conscious of being a part of nature, my focus is on physical fitness, good nutrition and supplementation of appropriate vitamins and trace elements as well as the greatest possible withdrawal from the mainstream media in order to preserve my inner compass.
      Yes, I am healthy too - but without taking part in this unforeseeable genetic experiment.
      All the best for the future.
      But what do we do with the children? Can we as a society support their involvement in this experiment with a clear conscience and from the bottom of our hearts? I think not!
      Best regards from the beautiful Sauerland

    2. Hello Markus, the only question is how long! Nothing is known about the long-term consequences, as this mRNA vaccination (i.e. a genetically manipulated vaccination that remains in the cell) was only approved after a few months, in contrast to other vaccinations that only receive approval after many years of studies lasting up to 10 years! An unprecedented irresponsibility! The chief pathologist Prof. Schirmacher from Heidelberg University Hospital can report on the vaccination death rate - 30-40% - in his call for more autopsies! I can recommend a very good book: "Covid-19 - the whole truth" by Dr. Joseph Mercola and Ronnie Cummins, with a foreword by Robert F. Kennedy, son of former President John F. Kennedy. Here you can find out the real background to this p(l)andemic!

  11. Dear Mr. Löcke,
    We should not expect too much from our media bureaucrats. They work for the political parties that have taken large parts of our constitutional state as their prey. Completely oblivious to history and fixated solely on its own expansion of power, Germany's plague-ridden single party (SED) has reduced the foundations of our democratic society, such as the separation of powers, freedom of the press and internal party democracy, to absurdity.
    The broadcasting councils are full of former office holders who get their well-endowed bread of mercy there and also enforce their narrative of political correctness and the exclusion of dissenters. It is painful to have to realize that a fully developed party system can ultimately be hostile to democracy. Whether this is inevitable or deliberate would be interesting to discuss.

  12. For 403,000 euros/anno you can offer yourself to criminals in power. Most people become weak at this amount and they don't even have to be of the weaker sex.

    It's unbelievable what happens to our compulsory broadcasting fees.

  13. "BR willingly frames and uses clichés and propaganda pigeonholes about the "typical unvaccinated person". Right-wing, esoteric, believer in conspiracies, UNVACCINATED, fanatical anti-vaccinationist, etc."

    It will be stupid for ÖRR in general and BR in particular if an uneducated "climate and corona denier" and "wind energy sceptic" of all people dupes the entire elite of climate researchers courted by ÖRR. This is what is currently threatening this profession on a broad front. Because in my view, the CO2 thesis has been refuted. For two days now, climate researchers have been pondering a simple calculation that even a reasonably educated vaccinated person and even most stupid uneducated unvaccinated people can understand immediately and which clearly shows that the central narrative of climate research of a higher average temperature of the earth (plus 15°C) compared to celestial bodies without an atmosphere, including the moon (minus 18°C), has essentially nothing to do with the warming properties of the atmosphere (see https://scilogs.spektrum.de/klimalounge/der-anti-treibhauseffekt-herrn-ermecke/): the temperature difference is mainly or even entirely due to the different rotation speeds in combination with the much higher heat capacity of the Earth caused by the oceans in combination with the characteristics of the Stefan-Boltzmann law. It states that the IR heat radiation increases with the 4th power of the temperature (in K). This means that the moon, which has a temperature of up to 130° C, wastes an extremely large amount of energy during the day due to its high surface temperature and the moon simply does not manage to save enough energy during the 14.5-day lunar night to prevent extreme cooling to over minus 150° C. A simple disk in space, which is always illuminated by the sun, only reaches an average temperature in the double-digit minus range (below minus 60° C). If, on the other hand, the disk suddenly changes sides at short intervals, only half of the sun's energy reaches each side, and yet the temperature on the front and back is about the same as the daytime temperature of the Sahara. And all without an atmosphere! This is easy to calculate thanks to Google and Wikipedia as well as simple school physics/math.

    Consequently, this means that our atmosphere is probably cooling the earth rather than heating it. The observed climate change must therefore have a different (man-made) cause. The decrease in global terrestrial wind speeds that has been observed for decades (see https://ec.europa.eu/research-and-innovation/en/horizon-magazine/stilling-global-wind-speeds-slowing-1960) and thus evaporation in combination with the sealing of landscapes, drainage of wetlands and deforestation of primeval forests, especially when we know that evaporation removes 50% of solar energy from the earth's surface (see Trenberth diagram: s https://scied.ucar.edu/sites/default/files/images/large_image_for_image_content/radiation_budget_kiehl_trenberth_2011_900x645.jpg). Net radiation, on the other hand, only contributes one third of the cooling of the Earth's surface.

    The fact that wind turbines have also become the biggest driver of climate change in Germany and Europe adds to the catastrophe for red-green-yellow.

    If the calculation is confirmed, of which there is no reasonable doubt, there is no way around new elections. After all, this election result was based on what is probably the biggest scientific and journalistic scandal of all time. If this is cleared up, the RKI's underperformance can be dealt with in one go.

    The fact that the issue is hitting politics, academia, the press and the media on the very day of Olaf Scholz's inauguration shows us all that the gods have mercy on us poor sinners after all.

      1. Yes, that's true. It actually answers less than nothing, but is therefore also quite revealing. What's more, the "urgent recommendation" became a "recommendation" in the statement.

      2. Does this mean that the addressee did NOT contact you directly - in addition to the press statement, which is indeed lacking in content - no personal reply letter? - If so, that would be a testimony to poverty and cowardice in one.

    1. I would like to nominate Dr. Katja Wildermuth for this year's Karl Eduard von Schnitzler Memorial Medal. I am sure she will win despite hundreds of strong competitors.

  14. What should one do? One question, do you believe that these people will change their status, their opinion and their position? If, as is definitely to be expected, the entire house of cards collapses?
    I take my hat off to the people who are optimistic that everything will be fine. I take a critical view. The division has progressed too far.
    One can hope that those who have been vaccinated twice or three times are no longer willing to get the fourth, fifth....etc.
    We are sheep asking the way to the slaughterhouse....
    Most of the dead have the so-called
    caused by the "left". History has shown it.
    There will not be a complete reset, not in a positive way.
    I am sorry if I look so "black", because I am convinced that we have to change a lot, not only the "equality of sprayed and unsprayed.
    Everyone can see that this system is broken.
    Have a peaceful day.


    1. The "split" comes from the fact that some people do not want to believe what is objectively perceptible and what is deduced from it according to the rules of inference (this is called science) if they do not like what is said there, or if their emotions are so strong, e.g. against "those at the top", that they do not want to believe them.
      And what is meant by: "Most of the deaths were caused by the so-called 'leftists'"? Was it 'the left' who, among other things, sent their 7 million Jewish fellow citizens to concentration camps and to their deaths?
      And what do I mean by 'reset'? Sorry, I only know the term from computers.

  15. Unfortunately, I can only confirm this. I was told by my agent that she could only put me on TV programs of the ARD and ZDF media houses as well as MDR if I had a vaccination status. I was advised to get vaccinated if I had career plans as a journalist.

  16. True freedom only exists within - those who bow to coercion can gain nothing, let alone freedom. Most people just haven't realized that yet. I'd rather spend my life restricted and free than following the masses and being unfree. Thank you Mr. Langemann and the many people here who keep giving me strength and confidence with their contributions. A gift that you can't buy in any 2G-restricted store in the world.

  17. In the course of ensuring the safety of the editors employed on site and other participants in discussions at such events, I very much welcome the rules of conduct demanded by the director. Furthermore, I naturally hope that, in the course of a general vaccination obligation, everyone can then quickly be considered again at corresponding events in order to temporarily lift the restrictions necessary to protect our population. It would be even better if a general vaccination requirement proved to be unnecessary due to the social competence and genuine intelligence of all sections of the population, including the proportion of the vaccine-restricted minority.

      1. Yes, unfortunately lance corporals usually lack the background knowledge for interrelationships. But some do manage to reach a higher rank through training and appropriate examinations. I would like to encourage you, everyone can learn something! You should not give up.

        1. I think they should lock themselves up and throw away the key. I haven't read so much nonsense in a long time.

        2. Which department of the Ministry of Propaganda are you currently working for?
          Are there still places available? Contact address would be nice.
          Or do they even have ambitions for the next vacant leadership position?

    1. Why, aren't vaccinated people protected? If necessary, have an antibody test done - living healthily certainly can't hurt either...what is your real concern?

    2. Hello Mr. Schutter,

      nice to be able to read someone who thinks differently. And with a clear name. I find that commendable (without irony).

      Since you have genuine intelligence, you have surely noticed that even in the public sector it has now become accepted that vaccinated and unvaccinated people are equally infected and spread the virus equally. The argument of employee protection therefore does not hold water, even if it cannot be ruled out that Dr. Katja Wildermuth is trying to wriggle out of the matter in a similar way. The only argument that is currently being desperately maintained by politicians and the media in order to push through compulsory vaccination is that the ITS could be overloaded. The unvaccinated are to blame. Above all, they are lying there, always with the divisive and inflammatory suggestion that the evil unvaccinated are taking the place of a vaccinated cancer patient. However, this argument is increasingly collapsing for two reasons. The figures (proportion of vaccinated/unvaccinated on the ITS) are proving to be extremely manipulated. Second reason: In absolute terms, there are no more ITS beds occupied in hospitals than in previous years. In the last major wave of influenza, the ITS wards were actually much fuller. It's just that there wasn't a white coat on TV every evening moaning about triage. Thousands of operational ITS beds have been reduced, resulting in a higher percentage occupancy rate. Official statistics plus middle school math at most, lower school math more likely. That's all you need. Is this going to get worse? Unfortunately yes, but again because of politics and not because of Corona. There are enough geriatric nurses and nurses who will hit the sack after the upcoming mandatory vaccination. Why is that? Working for a pittance, often 12 days in a row with overtime in shifts and then being forced to be vaccinated against their own medical convictions? And you are lectured and ridiculed by citizens and politicians who have no knowledge of the subject matter? In many ways, the difference between a nurse and a doctor is not practical competence. The biggest difference is the social and financial level. This is much higher for a qualified doctor with a title and possibly their own practice than for a nurse who sometimes only earns 1000 euros/net per month for a backbreaking job. You can believe me or not that I don't just know this from hearsay.

      Would you have belonged to the socially competent, solidary majority of the population 85 years ago or to the restrictive minority? By the way, did you know that some concentration camps, such as the one in Warsaw, were officially used to combat epidemics? Is it "population protection" for you in 2020/21? In 1933 it was called the "Law for the Remedy of Necessity". No alternative for you in 2021? In 1933 it was called "no other option". Can you see any linguistic similarities with a lot of imagination?
      Back then, after 1945, many people said "How was I supposed to know that?" and excused themselves by saying that the media had been brought into line. What will your apology look like one day? That's what the email is about, by the way. About being muzzled and being brought into line. Mr. Langemann refrained from using these words, presumably knowing full well that he would then be reflexively accused of relativizing the Nazi regime. I am not afraid to make the comparison. Just no more critical, unimpaired voices. Unless you can show the people the "typical unvaccinated" (right-wing, uneducated, esoteric, radical, etc.) just as the typical "eternal Jew" was shown. What many people have perceived for a year and a half anyway can be read here in black and white as an invitation. In the lines and between the lines. And for your own mockery and defamation you should then indirectly thank us with GEZ fees so that Dr. Wildermuth can continue to earn 403,000 euros/anno?

      1. For 403,000 euros/anno you can offer yourself to criminals in power. Most people become weak at this amount and they don't even have to be of the weaker sex.

        It's unbelievable what happens to our compulsory broadcasting fees.

    3. Your point of view, Mr. Schutter, would be understandable in a real emergency situation, just as other temporary restrictions on fundamental rights would at least be debatable.
      Assuming you are being threatened by a rapist, you are in a clear self-defense situation in which you are entitled to defend yourself with the least violent means sufficient to protect yourself. Depending on the situation, this could be fleeing, causing bodily harm or killing the attacker. This would be closely examined by the investigating authorities after the crime.
      This is where our mutual lack of understanding begins; I see no proportionality in a vaccination obligation, in apparently indefinite restrictions on fundamental rights in a proven non-existent emergency situation. In 2020, we had an under-mortality rate with 60,000 corona deaths at the same time. Logically, it cannot be that a significant proportion of these deaths were caused by a new dangerous infectious disease. Studies by the CDC USA, for example, have shown that five percent of corona deaths there died from corona and not with corona. For us in Germany, this means 3000 deaths from (!) corona out of a total of around one million deaths per year. I am sure that these correlations might also seem logical to you, Mr. Schutter. The figures are available to anyone who can read and write, i.e. who can use the internet these days.
      The RKI announced two weeks ago that we now have 100,000 corona deaths in Germany, counting 2020 of course. This means that with 40,000 by the end of November this year, we are more likely to be below 2020. If we have an excess mortality rate in 2021 compared to 2020, it will not be attributable to the coronavirus.
      Mr. Schutter, I am grateful to you for giving us the opportunity for a discussion, which I believe is an integral part of a democratic society.

    4. Mr. Schutter, you were able to express your opinion here within the framework of freedom of opinion.
      On the other hand, you want to deny this freedom of expression to the people in the BR if you do not want to follow the rules of conduct established by the BR, whereby these BR rules contradict the still valid Basic Law as well as the still valid media laws. Have you noticed anything?

    5. "Ensuring the integrity of ...." - Where do we start, where do we end?
      There has always been a status of SICK or HEALTHY. SICK stays at home,
      because you have an obligation not to infect others.
      Making things dependent on vaccination status is sick, perverse and against human dignity.
      With immediate effect, I recommend that politicians require every citizen of this country to undergo a mandatory
      and daily intelligence, pregnancy, urine and corona tests.
      Certainly the pharma mafia is perpetuating this sick corona narrative,
      has a rapid test available for this purpose.
      I am afraid and worried about this former democratic Germany!

    6. That's right! It's just stupid that the virus mutates because of the vaccinations in such a way that it evades the vaccinations. Wieler probably said that, Vanden Bossche said that, the numerous vaccination breakthroughs confirm that. In the case of Covid 19, vaccination does not mean that the vaccinated person can no longer transmit the virus. On the contrary...read about it on Ehgartner's blog. But if you work for state radio, you may not be allowed to do so, whose bread I eat the song I sing... mfg Manfred Müller

    7. Do you see vaccination as an expression of intelligent, socially competent action? Don't you think that you are giving a little too much symbolism to this means, which actually serves to protect health? Anyone who doubts the injection is neither antisocial nor stupid. I know enough people from my environment who were initially relieved after their injection, but then became quite disillusioned due to the sometimes serious consequences and left the 3rd, 4th, ... boosters alone. In my opinion, social competence is shown first and foremost in understanding, not in stigma or defamation.

    8. I also welcome the fact that an advocate of measures and compulsory vaccination is commenting here, thank you Mr. Schutter. We need to talk to each other more. This requires a cultivated debate, which is fortunately possible here.

      I would like to ask you a few questions about your comment:

      To what extent do you see the integrity of 'vaccinated' people in danger due to the presence of 'unvaccinated' people? What exactly is your assertion based on?

      In order to make vaccination compulsory, at least two of our (actually inalienable) fundamental rights would have to be undermined. This could actually happen if the federal government decides that this is an extreme emergency and that there is no alternative to this measure.
      I assume that, as a supporter of compulsory vaccination, you perceive an 'extreme emergency'. Question: What specific personal danger or threat do you perceive from the virus? For example, are there many severe cases and deaths from coronavirus in your environment?

      Are you aware of the far-reaching consequences of restricting fundamental rights by making vaccination compulsory? Would you accept that this would open a door that we would not be able to close again?

      Do you think that in the current situation we already know enough about the virus, its mutations and the new spike substances to make such an unprecedented decision? The list and number of side effects is getting longer and longer, up to - officially - confirmed deaths. How would you feel in a situation where a compulsorily vaccinated family member, friend, colleague etc. becomes seriously ill or dies as a result? Perhaps you would say that the probability is negligible. Maybe it is. Or maybe not. At least it exists. At least that much is certain.

      We may be wrong in our critical opinions here. We all still know far too little about the consequences and effects of this new type of 'vaccination'. There is a lack of reliable data and long-term studies. And that is precisely the point: what if you are wrong? Do you think this is impossible?

      That's a lot of questions at once, I know. Just one answer would be enough for me. Thank you very much.

  18. Hello Mr. Langemann, once again you have picked a very important raisin out of the cake - thank you very much for that. It is now becoming increasingly important for informed, healthy and clear-thinking people to recognize what their future path might look like. Personally, I feel strongly reminded of the 'Monday demonstrations' in 1989 in the GDR and I am in favor of reviving this culture today - peaceful but stubborn cohesion - because we are the people. Although I only recently lost a person to police violence during a peaceful demonstration against the current policy on German soil, I will now do even more to support resistance against this crime against humanity, so that these criminals are stopped and their plan to subjugate and kill people through gene therapy fails. I am also considering stopping my contribution to the broadcasting fees with immediate effect.

  19. Why should the public broadcasters stick to their original mandate? Basic law? Somehow 50s. The Federal Constitutional Court has given the go-ahead for the new order from the very top, our future Federal Chancellor is already hard at work collecting the few remaining red lines, and the forcibly financed broadcasters are the compliant helpers. What worries me equally is that this derailment is probably not even perceived as a scandal by my brainwashed environment. Firstly, they don't have time for news like this because they're so busy getting booster appointments and secondly, they think it's only fair if the measures against the unvaccinated are 'escalated step by step'.

    Olaf Scholz is taking his oath of office today, the words of which are certain:
    "I swear that I will devote my strength to the welfare of the German people, increase its benefit, avert harm from it, uphold and defend the Basic Law and the laws of the Federation, conscientiously fulfill my duties and do justice to everyone. (So help me God)."

    A future head of government can utter the last sentence at the swearing-in ceremony, but he doesn't have to. Olaf Scholz left it out today. It sounds a bit out of date when you're so unopposed. (And who needs God when you have the Greens and the ÖR at your side).

    1. That's a good thing. Because God is on our side.

      Following an inner inspiration, today I sent four leading climate researchers an unambiguous refutation of the CO2 thesis à la Rahmstorf & Co, based on pure basic physics and mathematics and speaking for itself. For all of us, this is much more important than whether a little yes-man and follower is sworn in as Federal Chancellor. Because this removes the motivation for all the corona nonsense as scaremongering for the so-called great transformation, which Angela Merkel raved about on 22.04.2021 in the 19:00 today's news (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocHHQ6YUH8k, from min 3:08) and which she explained at the virtual World Economic Forum in Davos on 26.01.2021 (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkiewGDLu78).

      By the way, Markus Langemann was in CC.

    2. Right and well, their opinion. The Basic Law, on which I once swore an oath, is no longer worth a damn after the hijacking of the Constitutional Court by the communist rhombus.

  20. The radio and television fees should be withheld. Unsubscribe from television. You can no longer watch it anyway

  21. Thank you very much for your thorough research and clear words - keep up the good work!
    Please publish the letter with the internal recommendation. I would like to use it to cancel my GEZ fees.
    Thank you HG Thomas Becker

    1. Hello, you can find the letter, as already mentioned in the video, under "Documents" here on the page. Yours sincerely, M.L.

  22. Why should the public broadcasters stick to their original mandate? Basic law? It used to be, it's kind of 50s. The Federal Constitutional Court has proclaimed the new order from the very top, and our future Federal Chancellor is already busy clearing the few remaining red lines out of the way. Our forcibly financed institutions are their compliant helpers. And I can see how the brainwashing works in my own environment. It works perfectly in a frightening way.

    Olaf Scholz takes his oath of office in these hours:
    "I swear that I will devote my strength to the welfare of the German people, increase its benefit, avert harm from it, uphold and defend the Basic Law and the laws of the Federation, conscientiously fulfill my duties and do justice to everyone. (So help me God)."

    He can probably choose the last sentence, it's up to him whether he says it. But today it also seems a bit out of date. Who needs God when you have the ÖR at your side?

    Thanks again to you Mr. Langemann for creating this island where people with backbone and common sense can still be found. Reading your comments helps me a lot.

  23. "Focus on the truths
    uncover the shadows."
    Please read it through and sign it if it is right for you.

    "The Barrington Declaration"
    As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists, we have grave concerns about the detrimental effects of the prevailing COVID-19 guidelines on physical and mental health and recommend an approach we call focused protection.

  24. Dear Mr. Langemann,

    Thank you very much for your information and your well-founded commentary and reaction. Every day you think that the abyss has already been reached, but unfortunately you are always wrong, the cancer of ice-cold disinformation and propaganda continues to grow. I have been asking myself since the beginning of the pandemic whether these people really believe their own nonsense, which is devoid of any facts, whether they just want to stay at the lush food trough, whether they are simply stupid, totally blinded by ideology, or whether these people are under so much pressure from third parties that they destroy all the achievements that we and our ancestors have fought for with great effort and sacrifice at the stroke of a pen. I am also concerned with the question of whether these people are actually aware of the unfortunate society into which they themselves, their children, their friends and their relatives will end up or have already ended up through their actions and omissions. What is the psychogram of such people who like this? Questions upon questions.
    My dear grandmother used to say that in such situations, there is rarely anything bad that isn't accompanied by something good. I hope so!
    Let's try to remain optimistic and everyone should take the place where they can work. But I am sure that the building that has been erected will collapse, the height of the fall will be gigantic and there will be a consistent reappraisal of the injustice. The comments on your site give me further strength and confidence.

  25. Hello Mr. Langemann,

    Thank you very much for your information.
    I have just written a complaint to the Bayer Broadcasting Council against this director; due to the composition of this council without much hope - but you have to show your colors where you can

    Kind regards

  26. Hello Mr. Langemann,

    Thank you very much for your information.
    I have just written a complaint to the Bavarian Broadcasting Council against this director;

  27. What many people don't know: You can also pay the broadcasting fee by invoice in the form of a notice from the contribution "service" (if you no longer have it automatically debited) and then you can object to this invoice informally and legally, there are plenty of reasons: "The objection procedure is free of charge." is barely legible in light gray in the small print on the back of these notices. (However, they still charge 8 euros). Now you could wait for your appeal decision, which may also be free of charge, and then continue to pay. Or not, because the bailiff who is only then threatening is not bad or expensive at all and is generally a completely normal person who is just doing his job and who may not yet know some of the facts. We were happy to pay just under 25 euros, because now he won't take the booster... But don't object all at once, otherwise you won't get your bailiff's appointment for a few years. By the way, if you want to go further: you can also file a lawsuit including a public hearing in the courtroom, starting at 35 euros, no need for a lawyer and you can invite friends and acquaintances. But here, too, the rule is: not all at once, because otherwise you won't get the hearing date until 2030, after the planned expropriation, when we all "own nothing and are happy". (Klaus Schwab, head of countless "Young Global Leaders" or "Global Leaders of Tomorrow" who have been installed worldwide for decades, such as Merkel, Baerbock, Spahn, Maischberger, Gates, Macron, Putin, Blair, Zuckerberg... in his book "Great Reset")

    1. Very valuable tips. Thank you for that!
      People are always too ignorant and too cowardly.
      But at least I have already canceled the direct debit authorization. I still lacked the courage to take further steps.

  28. Dear Mr. Langemann, thank you very much for your reporting. Who could have told us about this new prank if not you? Such a farce could be nipped in the bud so quickly if the employees collectively refused to comply with this order. I remember an infinite number of documentaries, reports and reappraisals of personal fates of our past unspeakable events in the public "right". This makes the signs of the times, which seem like deja vu, all the more incomprehensible. Those who play along with this game today because they think they are safe and perhaps because they believe they are protected by it will realize at some point that they were just puppets. My father told me a lot about the dark times and it was very important for me to find out what role he played and it was only when I was sure that he was a decent person during this time that I felt good. There is no magic in every beginning. Let's stay brave and stick together.

  29. The homogenization, as I have so far called the almost perfected conformity with those still in power, avoiding the word Gleichschaltung, has not only been apparent for two years - even without Claus von Wagner's panel appearances in the formerly critical institution. That is why there have been courageous opponents of the forced financing of these supposedly public productions for years (see, for example, under https://gez-boykott.de/). The requirements of the Interstate Broadcasting Treaty have not been complied with for a long time. However, as with the coronavirus pandemic, such action is only likely to be successful en masse. Apart from that, lawyer Wilfried Schmitz mentioned in a conversation with lawyer Gordon Pankalla that if compulsory collection is no longer possible in this way, this is likely to be achieved by means of a tax. As can be seen from the video, which is no longer available (https://youtu.be/X5j7n1-P4WQ), a so-called constitutional complaint is or was already pending in this regard, also essentially relating to freedom of conscience under Article 4 (1) of the Basic Law, which was probably even accepted by this so-called constitutional court, which is no longer to be taken seriously (Olaf Kretschmann, who filed the complaint there on March 12, 2019 after unsuccessfully going through all instances: http://rundfunkbeitrag.blogspot.com/2019/03/verfassungsbeschwerde-gegen-den.html). Perhaps, among other things, such activities, which are hardly unique and will hopefully continue to become known, will finally reach a critical mass, which will interrupt the established, supposed normality.

    1. I will now also rebel against the fees, or do the public unregulated want to continue to accept fees from the unvaccinated?

  30. Dear Mr. Langemann,
    Thank you for the report from the court named BR.
    I will immediately withdraw my GEZ direct debit authorization. At least this way I won't contribute to the fascization of the ÖRR.

  31. a bad habit in and of itself has not yet done anything, it only cultivates an unhealthy morality for oneself, but if this habit drives me to action, then I change the outside world. as true as it is that nothing is without cause, it is also true that nothing remains without effect.
    when i stop perceiving people and the outside world with my own senses and my free choice is brutally curtailed, i need a deeply rooted morality to continue to speak the truth.
    what is happening here is a self-runner and manipulative staging.
    the bad habits are fed.
    they become deeds.
    it seems that the majority of people are taking their attention away from being human.
    the concentration is far removed from spiritual experience, instinct, common sense and compassion.
    therein lies the real illness in our day.

    1. The BR director has made herself a compliant director of the fascization of the ÖRR. Because what is happening here is the further exclusion of the healthy! from public life. Healthy people! are being turned into a kind of pariah; at best, they are allowed to join the caste of the untouchables.

      1. kat, yes it is and the arbitrariness that is displayed is exhausting and, to be honest, also terrifying.

  32. Hello to all,
    makes a lot of work for the GEZ so that the store collapses:
    - request annually what personal data the GEZ has stored about you
    - Write a complaint that you do not agree to pay money for highly commercial reporting
    - Transfer partial amounts
    - Withdraw direct debit
    - etc.
    If enough people join in, it will have an impact.

  33. It can be assumed that these are the last desperate actions of a dying, abysmally inhuman system. Everywhere in Germany, even peaceful walkers are being hunted down so that this corona lie can be maintained. Those responsible will be held accountable, even if Ms. Van der Layen wants to abolish the Nuremberg Code. They are already very scared because the people are waking up.

    1. Wool:
      I sincerely hope that this is the last twitch of the lying, cover-up-cover-up ÖRR.
      The director of BR is making a decisive contribution to the media's return to fascism.
      Luckily, over twenty years ago I disposed of my television, which was already fifteen years old at the time, at a recycling center run by the local city cleaning company. In this way, I have since escaped the brainwashing of the public and private broadcasters for more than twenty years.
      I'll never buy a TV again. Since March 2020, the radio has also been off all the time.

      1. I am lucky enough never to have bought a television. Radio is switched off immediately every time I hear anything about politics or news. The GEZ has no direct debit authorization with me.
        Cheers to books/ music/ movies/ free media of your choice. Also poems and idioms, art helps against C. brainwashing like social contacts.
        Almost all the people I talk to (vaccination status or not) are in favor of humanity and respect and tolerance and acceptance, regardless of vaccination status!

  34. Dear Mr. Langemann,

    I can't believe what's happening right now. It scares me and makes me incredibly angry.
    I have been vaccinated myself. I weighed up all the "pros and cons" for myself and then decided to get vaccinated. I WANT THE SAME FOR EVERYONE ELSE. A vaccination that only has conditional approval can only be given to those who have decided this for themselves!
    I do not want to accept what is happening here. I don't want my license fee to be misused in this way.
    Thank you for your research! Stay brave and healthy ...

    1. "I then decided to get vaccinated. I WANT THE SAME FOR EVERYONE ELSE"
      Thank you for this clear rejection of the division wanted from ~above~.
      Cui bono Corona?

  35. Today I saw a video on an alternative channel of a Saxon demonstration in the last few days. A policeman - in an argument with a demonstrator - says to a demonstrator: "Yes, you are a murderer." - Neither of them was wearing a mask, by the way.
    The demonstrator then asked several times: "I'm a murderer?"
    The policeman replied in a tone of conviction: "Yes, you are a murderer."
    Disbelieving question from the demonstrator: "Am I a murderer?"
    Police officer: "Yes, because they are unvaccinated. They have lost all humanity." (The vaccination status was not checked or addressed at all ...)
    Demonstrator: "What am I?"
    Policeman: "I don't know, you're not human anymore."
    Demonstrator: "You deny me humanity?"
    Policeman nods: "I will. I deny you humanity. In any case, you are no longer human.
    The demonstrator then demanded to speak to the officer in charge in order to press charges.
    Policeman: "I'm the head of operations."

    When I think about it, the behavior of the police expressed in this dialogue is even more deviant. These gradations of behavior were just as visible "back then". The lower down the hierarchy they acted, the more brutal it became. After all, people wanted to look good "at the top" in the sense of the idea.

    Mr Langemann, I have great respect for your work and hope that despite all the organized psychological terror - which is all it is - you will remain with us all for a long time to come. And I would like to emphasize one recurring praise in the comments VERY THICKLY: I greatly appreciate your sense of polished language. Please keep at it!

    1. Dear Mr. Burkhard, your article has left me in an unbelievable state. I already knew that our police henchmen have a good reputation, but what you describe here cannot be surpassed in terms of petfidity.
      Please send me your article.

    2. In any case, file a criminal complaint and an official complaint. If the sentences were uttered in this way, i.e. as a factual assertion, this is a criminal offense!

      1. Dear Mr. Linsner, under halfway normal circumstances, I would also advise everyone to do so. But the circumstances are anything but normal.

        I witnessed how the police in Berlin literally hunted down disabled people at the demonstration on 29.08.2020 and even brutally beat them out of wheelchairs - yes, there's no other way to put it. Afterwards, a number of criminal charges were filed. And with what result?

        Unless it's a traffic accident, I have lost all trust in the justice system. The recent decisions of the Federal Constitutional Court have topped it all off.
        Attorney Holger Fischer, you can find him easily in Telegram, summarized the situation a few days ago as a result of the decisions of the BGH during a speech at a demonstration:
        National law on corona measures is completely suspended. All that remains for us as Germans is supranational law such as the International Criminal Code, the Nuremberg Code, etc.

        And as far as the Nuremberg Code is concerned, EU boss v.d. Leyen, who has no legitimacy, has already announced in the last few days that she wants to tighten it up herself.
        However, this outrageous breach of culture and law is not echoed at all in the German media and politics! Should it actually come to that - and I currently see nothing and no one who could stop this political development - then this country will have arrived at what was commonly called fascism "back then". What will we call it this time?

  36. I am also vaccinated and also appalled that it is really possible again today to incite people to hatred and hatred so that people are again discriminated against, marginalized and will soon have to endure even more. Didn't we all analyze the steps that were taken at school as a preventative measure? I recognize strong similarities and I am glad that I am not alone when I read the comments. But I also remain at a loss as to what you can do without ending up in one of the drawers and thus rendering everything you had planned worthless...?

  37. Shameless. The most disgusting thoughts are spread out in public, almost with relish, in front of an audience, many of whom applaud frenetically. And people spur each other on. In a way, everyone is called upon to produce even more repugnant ideas and demand their implementation. Like in a gang where the aim is to prove oneself in order to free oneself in advance from any suspicion of treason. Pure Stalinism. The show trials are still missing, in which the convicted deviants and enemies of the people confess their crimes and are then consigned to the fire.

  38. She is probably traveling on behalf of the "Lord", we can guess who it is. There's no need for law or order. Or do we?

  39. I used to be a diligent consumer of the ÖRM and never missed a chat to keep myself informed. Reading the daily newspaper was part of my daily life. I've always been critical of it and have expressed this in letters to the editor. But that stopped at the end of 2020. I have canceled my subscription to the daily newspaper and I only watch ÖRM occasionally, but not talk shows. I consciously avoid this propaganda. I have now looked for alternative media and am well informed. Of course, it makes it difficult to exchange information with colleagues, as we are not at the same level in terms of information technology. I feel more comfortable now.
    I find the speed with which politicians are acting frightening. Yes, the globalists are exerting pressure. But we will not let up in our resistance.

  40. Today, after a long time, I consciously watched WDR 3 and ERSTE again! It is fascinating for me how our fellow citizens' heads are being "washed"! The persistence with which the narrative of the "corona pandemic" continues is remarkable! I also notice that a lot of people here in Germany don't question it at all. A lot of people are trapped in this "coronavirus bubble". It feels like the "dark ages" of the 1930s. Only when these people are once again confronted with their misconduct from the OUTSIDE are they completely distraught and NOBODY wanted it. BUT 80% of the fellow citizens went along with it. I was asked again and again how could this 33 happen? Look around you, that's how it happens you sleepyheads. Germany is on the road to self-destruction! How can a people be so naive and masochistic. Certain people have done a good job. AND others profit from it and then make off with it. BR is now the spearhead of state radio. Well then, good NIGHT.

    It should be seriously considered whether the GEZ payments are still justified due to censoring, defamatory and manipulative reporting by public broadcasters...
    A real scandal, but just another in the endless series of media that have been brought into line - I am ashamed of Germany.

  42. If politicians act purely according to opinion polls (cf. Christian Lindner's swing towards compulsory vaccination) and the opinion polls are controlled by journalism at will, then this "fourth estate", which cannot be influenced by voters, indirectly governs instead of politics. The only question that remains is: who controls journalism, especially at the ÖRR? This question is quickly answered by the BVG and the judiciary: https://www.zdf.de/nachrichten/politik/bundesverfassungsgericht-befangenheitsantrag-harbarth-bundesnotbremse-100.htmleven if the judiciary itself protects its followers with the backing of the media.

    If the media, and in particular the ÖRR, cannot be influenced by the people, not even passively through the compulsory collection of broadcasting fees, i.e. by giving notice, and if the judiciary, above all the BVG, waves through every mess, then we are effectively in an (eco-)dictatorship of the media. This has made the FDP compliant through a massive media campaign in 2017 following Lindner's legendary sentence "Better not to govern than to govern badly" and has now brought the panic orchestra leader and corona fairy tale uncle of the ÖRR with a slightly morbid touch Karl Lauterbach into the Ministry of Health.

    But what is their motivation? In the case of ÖRR, it helps to look at the back of the book "Zieht euch warm an, es wird heiß" by ÖRR-METEOROLOGEN Sven Plöger:
    "Drought, forest damage and forest fires, then again torrential rain with hail and squalls, even the CORONACRISIS cannot hide the fact that our CLIMATE is changing more and more. In order to achieve the 1.5-degree target, the reduction in CO2 emissions each year would have to be as great as the SHUTDOWN. But that is exactly what would be possible. To achieve this, we need to channel the GREED inherent in the current system into restructuring the economy. The GREEN DEAL must come for the economy to stay....."

    A group of intellectually rather weak would-be idealists (salary and greed are too great for real idealism), including the majority of ÖRR editors and some big earners, including Jeff Bezos ( https://www.theclimatepledge.com/), who have long considered their narrow-minded climate beliefs to be irrefutable knowledge themselves, have obviously set themselves the goal of saving the world's climate, even if it costs the prosperity of the masses, our freedom, our human rights or even quite a few human lives, e.g. through suicide. That is why they have only slightly more scruples - if any - than the National Socialists in reshaping laws to suit themselves and abusing the anti-corona measures as a weapon against dissidents and intellectuals. The Nazis also deluded themselves into thinking they had to save the world. Only not from climate collapse, but from Bolshevism and world Jewry.

    1. Dear Dr. Aßmann,

      An old and wise doctor friend of mine (that was my image of her until now) said on the phone yesterday that she was so happy that such a clever person was finally in charge of the health department and such a clever, young woman in charge of foreign affairs... My astonished query confirmed the seriousness of her statement. And unfortunately this is not an isolated case...

      Best regards

    2. Today I sent the following e-mail with three attachments to TV meteorologist Sven Plöger and in CC to Stefan Rahmstorf, PIK.

      "Dear Mr. Plöger,

      As you can see from the attachment, I bought your book "ZIEHT EUCH WARM AN, ES WIRD HEISS" on the second-hand book market.

      Unfortunately, after a simple, easily comprehensible and probably irrefutable thought experiment based on unambiguous basic physical and mathematical considerations, I have a massive comprehension problem with your statements on page 89. https://scilogs.spektrum.de/klimalounge/der-anti-treibhauseffekt-herrn-ermecke/ I have taken the liberty of taking him on CC. Perhaps you need his support in understanding the scope of the thought experiment and its consequences for climate research.

      Anyone who believes in the freedom of science should be aware of one thing: there is no holy grail of science and this applies both to the results of climate research and even to the findings of Albert Einstein (see appendices "Stilling and CO2" and "Time"). Anyone who wants to resolve the contradiction between the relativity of Einstein's space-time and quantum theory or, for example, get to the bottom of the causes of man-made climate change, must inevitably pursue new approaches and must not be deterred from thinking by scare tactics and defamation. Especially not in our land of poets and thinkers, even if this appreciation of our country has once again been subject to considerable doubt recently.

      Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.

      Yours sincerely
      Roland Aßmann"

      I will publish his or her answer here.

  43. I'm curious to see who has more staying power. At the French CTIAP of the Hôpital de Cholet, a courageous pharmacist (Dr. Cathérine Frade) recommended in 4/2021 that all vaccines be withdrawn from the market as they were neither safe nor effective. The Hôpital de Cholet has set itself apart.
    We are now seeing quite a few "vaccination breakthroughs" (Thursday weekly report of the rki) and
    also serious side effects (PEI safety report). It is not yet possible to say how long vaccination protection will last - so this is pure speculation. Perhaps not for too long. If the benefit/risk analysis shifts in favor of the denominator, the vaccination obligation will probably make a long face...
    It is unspeakable to exclude and defame instead of examining the reality through thesis and counter-thesis...it is unspeakable to enshrine mandatory vaccination (with vaccines that only have a limited emergency authorization and preliminary risk assessment according to the BiostoffV) in the IfSG at this time by undermining the Basic Law.
    Everyone only hears and sees what they want - what speaks against it is sublimated...
    It's obviously not about avoiding serious illness and death, but more about someone wanting to prove themselves as a manager...Good night. I feel sick already...

  44. In any case, we should save the documents and remember the names carefully so that they are not foisted on us again in the event of a possible reorganization, like the leftovers from 1945 and 1989! Remain steadfast and turn away.

  45. I can add to this that 2G has recently been introduced for all employees who are not based in offices but work in broadcasting operations. As a freelancer, you don't stand a chance. I was recently asked to disclose my vaccination status. You can't even work with a PCR test, as was possible and necessary until recently.
    All this with the justification that we must actively contribute to relieving the burden on hospitals by preventing infections.
    When I asked (there was still 3G plus) why vaccinated people didn't have to get tested, I was told that it was partly for cost reasons!!! and partly because vaccinated people couldn't be told to get tested because they had been vaccinated so that they wouldn't have to get tested again. I see.
    The company doctor is also of the opinion that now that 2G has been introduced, those who have been vaccinated cannot infect each other, so testing is not necessary.
    There is nothing more to add ...
    It can be said that all BR measures since the beginning of the pandemic have generally been very "idiosyncratic".

  46. In history lessons about the dark times in Germany, you learned a lot about the inhuman acts of the Nazis and couldn't really put yourself in that position. However, we are moving in this direction with full force, so that the hatred and agitation against unvaccinated people is becoming ever more dramatic. The division of people has now increased to such an extent that even some store owners are refusing to allow unvaccinated people into their business. No one can deny that some parallels from the 1930s can already be seen here. The government has overshot the mark with its measures (I think they know it too), so that a return to normality is no longer desirable. None of the demonstrators, who have been peacefully campaigning for months for the return of their basic rights and freedom, deny the existence of this disease, which can of course be dangerous for a few people, but they want to decide for themselves whether they want to be injected with a vaccine that is produced in a very short time and for which the long-term consequences for each individual are not yet known. I hope that we will return to a democracy, otherwise my escape via the Prague embassy at the time would have been in vain.

    1. Thank you Mr. Rabe!
      ...we are on the same wavelength. We should put together a very high-impedance package (according to Georg-Simon Ohm) and take it to Davos.

      1. i'm coming with you...carry the package a bit too
        As an old GDR child, I can vividly remember our shrill "always ready", but also the ever louder will in me to resist it.

    2. You write:
      "The government has overshot its target with its measures (I think they know it too), so that a return to normality is no longer desirable."

      I am of the opinion that the politicians responsible (and we are not just talking about the government(s), but also all members of all state parliaments, city parliaments, district parliaments, etc.) have not overshot their mark. ...) did not overshoot their target. These measures were exactly their goal!

      Of course, what has happened inevitably means that these politicians can no longer go back without fearing the loss of their position and the privileges associated with it. This is where I see the real impetus for what can only be described as insane measures and the complete rejection of a discourse that lives up to its name.

  47. What amazes and horrifies me is the speed with which these unspeakable things are suddenly taking place. It has all started like this before, but I don't think they managed it at this speed back then.

  48. Hello Mr. Langemann, for almost two years now, journalists, doctors, scientists, lawyers... who do not conform to the mainstream have been defamed in such an extreme way and sometimes even persecuted to the point of destroying their livelihoods, even though they are "only" doing their job professionally and honestly - as professional honour actually requires.
    I haven't listened to the news, talk shows and other political programs on public broadcasters for a long time because I can't and don't want to put up with this political propaganda and lies. I am grateful for the steadfastness of the "other side", which at this time maintains the glimmer of hope that this madness will hopefully end and that the people who have violated fundamental rights to such an extent will be held accountable and punished justly!!!
    Please continue to remain unbowed, I like your fantastic language, which although honest and revealing, is never insulting. As unvaccinated people, we have to put up with insults almost every second of the day and can no longer even trust our constitution...it's unbelievable.

  49. What to do? Boycott Bavarian radio. Stop watching it, you can take the opportunity to do the same with a few other stations.

  50. I can only recommend everyone to watch Marc Friedrich's interview with Prof. Paul Cullen on YouTube before it is censored.
    "Today it's getting tough! With Prof. Dr. med. Paul Cullen (molecular biologist, laboratory physician and internist) we go into detail! What actually is corona, how do PCR tests work and can they be used as evidence at all? Are recovered people better protected against corona than vaccinated people? And does 2G actually work the way politicians tell us it does? All this and more in an incredibly exciting episode of "Marc talks to..."
    I am convinced that after this video, the meaningfulness and benefits of the "vaccination" will dwindle massively!

  51. When gender-insensitive language or a critical stance on migration policy is used, politicians and the mainstream mob tweet and sniff out right-wing tendencies and reflexively say "Stop the beginnings".
    With emergency laws, division, denunciation, agitation against millions of people and the media being brought into line, i.e. fascism in its purest form, what is the reaction? Then it's "Any comparison with National Socialism is shameless."
    When will the nightmare end?
    I am very curious to see what rhetorical sleight of hand Dr. Katja Wildermuth will use to answer Mr. Langemann's questions, if she does answer them. But that would require decency. Does a person who writes such an e-mail still have decency? I doubt it.

  52. This is opinion fascism in perfection, GDR 4.0, we already had it in Germany before the war and in a divided Germany. For me, this is downright hate-mongering against the unvaccinated and those who think differently. By the way, I am vaccinated, but I am disgusted by this political and social decline in values and the associated manipulation of opinion.

    1. Everyone should do this immediately!
      I have always objected to a direct debit authorization and will NOW terminate the standing order!

      Withdrawing the SEPA mandate for direct debit authorization is a one-liner! This should be worth it to anyone who does not agree with the ÖR in this form!

  53. Since February 2020, I have felt a steady increase in the removal of what is called "the air we breathe". The ingenuity to do this seems limitless. The power to enforce all this is handed over to many little helpers among us. Every day there's a new excitement and you can see that "it can always be worse".
    The factual publication of these unspeakable incidents is incredibly important and helpful. But it must not distract us from getting to the root, the trunk, which is causing these inhuman branches to sprout. As long as the breeding ground for this is still there, completely different growths will take away the air we breathe, right up to our last breath.

    1. Why should different rules apply to people like journalists, who don't even need training to use this job title and can simply buy a press card, than to others? Others can also get vaccinated, those who are unable to do so must simply look for another job...

  54. .....Everyone who supports these inhumane measures and the agitation against the unvaccinated
    supports and advocates must be aware of its responsibility. No one can
    later say we knew nothing about it. I hope that the criminals and the
    opportunistic followers who make this crime possible in the first place cannot escape their just punishment...

  55. The steps towards bringing the media and all state organizations into line are accelerating. As a private individual, I am at a loss as to what to do. In any case, I will no longer pay the broadcasting fee, let's see what happens. Thank you very much for your information work.

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