Vaccine changes our genome

"We vaccinate healthy people."

In this video you will learn the medical background to the development of vaccines and more about the potential danger currently posed by mRNA and DNA vaccines. You will learn what a complete New vaccination strategy is the path to be taken.
Prof. Stefan Hockertz, toxicologist and immunologist:

"We give vaccines to healthy people who are not yet afflicted with any disease and therefore we have to apply a very, very high safety standard to these vaccines."

"With a new vaccination strategy, it takes about eight years from the first beginning, the development of this vaccine, until I am allowed to administer it to people, regulatory approved."

"There is no vaccine for SARS-Cov-2 yet, which is because coronaviruses have been completely uninteresting to the pharmaceutical industry so far, and should actually continue to be uninteresting because they are not a life-threatening disease."

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6 Responses

  1. Let's be honest... how far have we already been harmed in our thinking?

    Nobody has the right to interfere with my body, not even by the trick of excluding me from life in an addiction. Because we have privatized everything to the hands of a few people, which will be reversed anyway, as it is proving to be fatal and harmful to society.

    Nobody has the right to restrict my freedom either. The world doesn't belong to anyone, we are free beings and can go wherever we want.
    The laws that we give ourselves, known as basic laws etc., are already the limitation of our actually completely free lives. This serves to enable a society within a framework that also protects itself through these laws, because that is what they are there for. Laws are not meant to subjugate and oppress us, they are meant to provide a framework for people and to protect people and make society free and safe.
    They should not give special status to a small group and then secure this status, who then begin to interpret and transform the laws for themselves and thus violate the principle of this framework and curtail our freedoms for their own purposes.

    For me, this is a new kind of fascism that disguises itself well. It is a crime against the people. Progress makes this possible and once again you can see how small groups take advantage of the possibilities of progress and expand their power globally, no longer just locally, or in terms of continents, countries, zones, and classify people as their property, in fact everything as their playground. Because if these people think they can send 7600 satellites into space without being asked, impose 5G on us, stick needles into our bodies with harmful substances, etc... then we don't have a democracy here. And when I see the suppression of opinion and the fake reality that these private media are building, as well as the creation of constructs that work in the shadows, or that you can't even vote for as an ordinary citizen, or when think tanks prepare and determine our lives, then I see an attack on human freedoms and the destruction of our framework of a free society.

    No debates are held, plays are performed. Talk shows are propaganda and make-believe worlds. Censorship of the free Internet and suppression of other opinions, facts and statements by competent people.
    Politicians work for the small group of minorities and their system, the system media work for the small group and their system. The judiciary is not taking action, we are increasingly subject to a pyramid here, but we have to get rid of it.

    This gene therapy, which is disguised as a vaccination, is a serious crime against humans and in the end we are nothing more than laboratory rats. Short and long term effects, serious illnesses, deaths, other further developments of these people who have allowed themselves to be genetically modified and pass this on to their children during reproduction etc... This is not really justifiable.
    Anyone who does this and even tries to integrate coercion is a psychopath in my eyes and certainly not a person who is allowed to lead our destiny.
    And I'm not even talking about our puppet government... The real commanders are behind it... so what are we to make of these circles that constantly regard the people only as their ants?

    Unfortunately, we will have to end this on the street, for better or worse. So without any energy and will of their own, these people will push us further and further into ever worse conditions and exploitation.

    Give yourselves the jolt that is necessary and fight at the demos with your presence and voice for your normal freedoms, which they are already trying to foist on us as privileges... You have to be that sick first...

  2. Good morning,
    Thank you for this interview. At 33:46, what has been said becomes unclear and becomes clear again in the flow of speech with ", because we do not know ...". Please clarify the gap, however it may have arisen.
    Thank you
    Martin Tinnermann

  3. So great explained... Thank you very much...
    I don't have the words to express my relief,
    that my feelings are right...
    Since the "pandemic" I have been caught between my feelings about the situation and the propaganda of the public media...
    Again and again I feel that this can't be right, it's not true. Fundamental rights are simply being undermined.
    *" Human dignity is inviolable "*.
    That's what the Basic Law says.
    *Freedom is a fundamental right
    How can it be ,
    -that children are not allowed to play with each other?
    -that they should be isolated if they are ill?
    -that the parents in the home are not allowed to be visited?
    - that the dying may no longer be accompanied...
    That is inhumane
    This violates the constitution

    This has all been undermined since March. How many more deaths are there who have not died from corona????
    There are no figures...
    Those who have had a heart attack, a stroke, cancer.......
    If they had the virus, statistics show that they died of corona.....

    How many who were not infected and died because of Corona, simply because they couldn't stand it.
    Have simply given up...
    Victims of domestic violence were...
    They no longer saw any meaning in life because they could no longer see their grandchildren,
    The original aim is to protect the elderly...
    Many would still be alive if they had received care

    the more you test, the more you find and it always depends on what you are looking for. Everything should be considered, especially when it comes to the well-being and welfare of people.

    But no one knows whether these dead who demanded these inhumane measures could not have gone much more peacefully in the presence of a loving, benevolent person.
    Or whether they could still enjoy their grandchildren or great-grandchildren...

    I am especially grateful that this site gives me the courage to stand by my opinion publicly

  4. I was very pleased to have been made aware of one of the few COVID-19 considerations that has managed to avoid falling into the realm of conspiracy theories or misinformation.

    Until the impression was given that the introduction of mRNA modified with SARS-COV-2 RNA segments into human cells altered the human genome, i.e. that this mRNA would be incorporated into the DNA.

    I am not a geneticist and only studied the subject at undergraduate level. In my memory, mRNA was a single-stranded copy of DNA that is formed with the aim of providing the cell with the blueprint for a protein molecule. The mRNA is then degraded by the cell. A quick check on the Internet confirmed my memory.

    Is my picture regarding RNA, genome and DNA too incomplete or is this a blurring between RNA and DNA vaccination? The latter would mean that the new RNA-based vaccination strategy envisaged for SARS-COV-2 would not alter the human genome; only a DNA-based vaccination strategy would do that. However, this does not seem to be planned at the moment.

    I am looking forward to an answer.

    1. Hello Mr. Stern, thank you very much for your comment. I have asked Prof. Hockertz in a similar e-mail request to the Club der klaren Worte to comment. I am taking the liberty of publishing this reply from Mr. Hockertz here, also in response to your comment. Including the pointed final sentence. Perhaps it will enlighten you.

      Prof. Stefan Hockertz:
      "In the short time available and the simplicity of such an interview, it is of course not possible to go into all the scientific specifics.
      RNA-dependent RNA polymerases are indeed capable of replicating RNA. With these, independent RNA production is quite possible and conceivable. In the case of artificially produced RNA, there is a risk that this RNA may be shared by other viruses. The reverse transcriptase mentioned by the author must also be taken into account, even if it is not essential in humans, but is transmitted by other viruses. But this must NOT be left out of a tox test.
      It is necessary to check everything, and this has not been done in any case. THAT IS MY ACCUSATION! It is well known that eukaryotes have the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase. My demand is to make absolutely sure that there is no replication and therefore no genomic modification of humans. And this has not yet been verified or proven.
      We can take everything apart scientifically, but then I'll request a broadcast slot on YouTube for at least a week - continuously. Then I'll give the corresponding lecture on genetics there."

      1. Thank you for the convincing answer. I already suspected that my insight into genetics was too incomplete.

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