Lyrical contemplation IV

You me too
The Fantastic Four

Why doesn't anyone know beforehand
What is true in the end?
Why am I only turning to this?
What takes away my fears?
Why am I exactly that?
What I try not to be?
Why is the greatest fear that you are alone?

I believed in you,
I followed you, loved you.
Nothing of what you promised,
Is something that exists.
It's not where you come from,
It's where you go.
And nothing is believed anymore,
Than what you don't understand.
It is not philosophy,
It's stoned entertainment.


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24 Responses

  1. ...whether the Swiss site COVIDinsider is blocked or only temporarily unavailable? There, tangible counterstatements to the mainstream tenor were published cleanly and without defamation...and now?...blocked? Supervised thinking...gives food for thought...hope it is only temporarily unavailable. If relevant information is only published abroad anyway - and even that is blocked...

  2. What I find bad is that there is no discourse...
    It feels like the end of the GDR, and another system is dying...
    I find the synchronization of politics and the media unbearable.

    1. unbearable synchronization of politics and media...in Hungary it is denounced, but here it is just waved through and then concealed...

  3. In fact, yesterday's heroes have dissolved into nothing for me. Udo Lindenberg is also just a system follower. Campino, the Toten Hosen have been my heroes since the muzzle pandemic, not a critical word about the restrictions on freedom. The Fanta four are clever businessmen who let their money work with the Luca app.
    I'm curious to see what concerts and festivals like Rock am Ring will look like in the near future, I'm out of it, I don't want to have to prove that I'm not sick to get in. I want all my freedom again ......

    1. I'm disappointed with Udo Lindenberg. I was hoping that he would make his way to Berlin and trade in his leather jacket. Back then he "bought in" and let himself be used. Where is his resistance and his understanding of freedom and democracy? For me he has become an old man without an identity !!!

    2. I can sign that! I had already written to the pants on their FB page last year, asking what's going on now, when they usually open their mouths so nicely, nothing, zero, nada.
      Used to know her quite well...
      I don't get tested or even vaccinated, neither to go to the hairdresser, nor to a restaurant, nor to a concert or cultural event.
      Then don't.
      There is so much beauty in the world, in nature, that can also replace theater and concerts for me. I won't let anyone force me.

    3. That's exactly how I see it!!!
      Then that's it for festivals and concerts for me, sad as it is. Festivals were pure vacation for me, but pseudo-events with total surveillance .... NO THANKS!!!! I'm creeped out by the techno, eco and health dictatorship, including opinion fascism, that we're rattling into with our eyes open:-((((

      How long ago was it decided that only chipped and vaccinated dogs could be taken abroad? I was already out of it and said "Let's see how long it takes before they demand the same from US..."

      And another reference to an article/podcast in the Epoch Times on the welfare dictatorship of the GDR:

      Oh man, I can't eat as much as I want to throw up!

      Okay, but giving up is NOT an option. Remain steadfast and stubborn. When our money stops flowing into the pockets of the regime-loyal artists and organizers, maybe....mmmh....

      In any case, I wish us all lots of strength and perseverance 🙂

    4. Yes, how right you are! You can forget Wolfgang Niedeggen too; but hats off to E. Clapton and Van Morrison!!!!
      Will we ever go to the Burg Herzberg Festival again........
      I almost don't believe it

  4. People always go one way.
    Out of fear?
    Out of instinct?
    Out of laziness?
    From knowledge?
    It is right for you.
    Let us learn to respect and not to judge.
    All of us.

    1. Some also out of ignorance, conviction, quite a few probably also out of self-interest.

  5. People always go one way.
    Out of fear?
    Out of instinct?
    Out of laziness?
    From knowledge?
    It is right for you.
    Let us learn to respect and not to judge.
    All of us.

  6. The former system critics from music and political cabaret are true heroes when it comes down to it.

    Fanta 4? Hip hop rap with Luca App. With the kind support of Volksbank/Raiffeisenbank.
    Doctors' punk on the Tagesthemen? Nice PR, both for the doctors and the public broadcasters (look how cool we are).
    BAP? "You can do magic", Wolfgang Niedeken. Wearing a mask at photo shoots with political celebrities. Naturally distancing himself from any criticism of the government, because that is fundamentally right-wing extremist. It's been a "damn long time" since I had any respect for this person.
    Then there are cabaret artists who should "just shut the fuck up". Complaining on the one hand that there is a problem in Germany with "labeling and defaming those who think differently" (when you yourself become a victim), but on the other hand acting out this defamation on stage with relish (in this case it is satire), is extremely hypocritical. Give us our daily joke and mockery of conspiracy theorists and vaccination critics today, Dieter Nuhr. This is not courage, this is the submissive dissemination of government propaganda.

    It is very easy to live by principles and ideals as long as it is safe and fits in with the zeitgeist. Unless it jeopardizes your own reputation and your wallet. Then it's a different story. Then, in addition to political insight, you need moral courage. Who has that? What the artists from "allesdichtmachen" did was courageous. The public reaction to it was the best proof of how right and important the campaign was.

    1. Bravo, to the point.
      I fully agree with you about the musicians mentioned above.
      As far as the #allesdichtmachen campaign is concerned, I would have expected more backbone from one or two of the actors, as they must have been aware beforehand of what a shitstorm it would cause in the village. I don't think many of the protagonists are naive, I didn't know some of them.
      The outcry in the media about how Til Schweiger could think of meeting a critical journalist on his boat and calling him his 'hero' speaks volumes.
      So I learned to have respect for someone who wasn't one of my 'favorites'.
      It's a good time to be disappointed, to let go of limiting beliefs, to develop yourself and not wait for others to do it.

    2. The "seal everything" campaign was indeed a remarkable and courageous step!
      Long overdue and then unfortunately covered with such scorn and ridicule!
      Not to follow the whole as an illustration, but to immediately defame the participants individually ad absurdum.
      It cannot be what must not be......

  7. ...the developers of the Corona app quote Luca here ? I don't really know if these guys are "on the right side"...?!

    1. I don't really care whether this piece of work was written by some programmer of some app. But for me, there is no right or wrong side, only two opposing points of view. This should be discussed, which has not happened so far.
      I don't expect you to agree with one side or the other, but listening is a must

    2. They are on the side of power.
      The power of money!
      In past centuries, this was the side of the winners.

      The question should be, what is their motive?
      And with full shipping or in misguided misconception.

    3. None of them "developed" the Luca app. Smudo is a musician, not a programmer. He fell for the propaganda and probably thought he could contribute to the solution. According to the motto: You go "biep, biep, biep" and can lead a halfway normal life. Perhaps he now has a little more knowledge on the subject and thinks a little differently about it.

      1. I don't think Fanta 4 are naive either - they just want to keep earning money, so the app is a good idea...

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